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Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Level 5

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Adult Care Worker Level 2

Assistant Practitioners work as part of the wider health and social care team and have direct contact with patients, service users or clients, providing high-quality and compassionate care. Assistant Practitioners work at a level above that of Healthcare Support Workers and have a more in-depth understanding about factors that influence health and ill-health (e.g anatomy and physiology). Assistant Practitioner is a job title applied to a very wide variety of roles that have been developed locally by employers to meet individual service needs. Upon successful completion of this standard, individuals will have obtained the core skills, knowledge, and values/behaviours to become an Assistant Practitioner.

Specialist care

This Standard is Suitable For

Those who are experienced in healthcare.

Assistant Practitioners can be found working in a range of areas such as cancer services, physiotherapy, genito-urinary medicine, orthopaedics, hospice care, mental health, social care, community, occupational therapy, learning disabilities as well as hybrid roles that cross traditional occupational areas.

Programme Themes

  • Team working

  • Assessment

  • Communication

  • Supervision and teaching

  • Case management

  • Risk management

  • Equality and diversity

  • Quality

  • Person-centred care and wellbeing

  • Physiology, organisation and function of the human body

Programme Delivery

  • Face to face coaching, development, and assessment sessions

  • Self-study: learners are expected to carry out self-study

  • Ongoing contact: learners have access to their Teaching and Development Coach through iLearner and by email

Length Of Programme

  • 18-24 months

  • 3 months end point assessment

End Point Assessment

  • Multiple choice and short answers test

  • Observation of practice

  • Reflective journal and interview

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