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Early Years Lead Practitioner Level 5

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Early Years Lead Practitioner level 5

An Early Years Lead Practitioner is a proactive and influential practitioner, working directly with children, skilfully leading day to day practice at an operational level. As active practitioners they are effective role models of play-based learning, supporting others to develop their own practice. They are highly skilled professionals who take an operational lead for the care, learning and development of all young children within their care, adapting to individual needs providing inclusive and holistic provision. They engage with sector developments both locally and nationally, with a commitment to developing their own professional and educational competencies.

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This Standard is Suitable For

Those who are new to the sector and those experienced in working with children, young people and their families. Typical job roles may include:

  • Room Leader

  • Deputy Manager

  • Assistant Manager

  • Senior Practitioner

  • Lead Practitioner

  • Pre-school Leader

  • Early Years Coordinator

  • Early Years Practitioner

  • Nursery Officer

  • Early Years Officer

  • Key Worker

  • Senior Key Worker

  • Baby Room Leader

  • Lead Baby Room Practitioner

  • Play Leader

  • Early Years Support Worker

  • Higher Level Teaching and Learning Assistant

  • Early Years Foundation Stage Lead or Coordinator

  • Pastoral Care Manager

  • Pastoral Assistant

  • Education Welfare Officer

  • Specialist Practitioner in Child Development (Health)

  • Community Nursery Nurse

  • Health Play Specialist

  • Hospital Play Worker

Programme Themes

  • Leadership and management

  • Child development and theory

  • Pedagogy

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Partnership working

  • Health and safety

  • Equality, diversity, inclusion and SEND

  • Safeguarding

Programme Delivery

  • Face to face coaching, development, and assessment sessions

  • Self-study: learners are expected to carry out self-study

  • Ongoing contact: learners have access to their Teaching and Development Coach through iLearner and by email

Length Of Programme

  • Typically 18-24 months

  • 3 months end point assessment

End Point Assessment

  • Observation

  • Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence

  • Case study with report and presentation