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Apprenticeships and Their Benefits to Employers

Published by: Fay Gibbin

Operations Manager

December 9, 2021


Apprenticeships and their benefits to employers

There are many benefits for employers on offering apprenticeships within their company, many are overlooked but have the greatest impact. With apprenticeships available for both new and existing staff never have apprenticeships been more valuable to employers.

Government funding

There is government funding available to future proof your business and ensure you have the right knowledge, skills, and behaviours in your team to support future growth and success. If you are a levy-paying employer, you can use the funds in your account to pay for the apprenticeship training and endpoint assessment. If you are a non-levy employer, the government significantly funds the training. There is often an incentive payment for employers for taking on new staff and enrolling them onto an apprenticeship. Check here for the most up to date information on employer incentives

Save costs on recruitment

Employers can cut the cost of the recruitment process by utilising Sapphire’s free apprenticeship recruitment service. Applicants are screened against criteria set by individual employers, with the final decision being made by the employer themselves.

Sapphire has a specialist higher apprenticeship recruitment team focusing on level 4 and 5 apprenticeships, so this free service can even be used to find management-level candidates.

Save on National Insurance contributions

If the apprentice is younger than 25 and earns below £827 per week, employers won’t have to pay class 1 National Insurance contributions. The employee will still pay their share, so this is a benefit purely for employers. The money saved only adds extra value to employing an apprentice.

Apprentices can revitalise a company

Apprentices often bring a fresh approach and a positive attitude into the workplace, which can have a knock-on effect on existing staff. By embarking on an apprenticeship, they are showing themselves to be willing to learn and can bring new ideas into the company.

As apprentices come from a range of backgrounds – including high-calibre candidates who do not want the costs of going to university – they can bring fresh insight into your business activities.

Finally, a company that is willing to invest in people by supporting apprenticeships is showing a positive approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, which is good for attracting both customers and future high-quality staff.

Apprenticeships increase staff loyalty and retention

Employees who have been trained in-house tend to be highly motivated, committed to the company and supportive of its business objectives.

An apprenticeship encourages employees to think of their job as a career and to stay with the company for longer, which reduces recruitment costs. Offering an apprenticeship to an existing member of staff shows that you see them as an integral part of the workforce and are happy to invest in their future.

According to data from the National Apprenticeship Service, 92% of companies that have taken on apprentices believe this leads to a more motivated and satisfied workforce and 80% have seen a significant increase in employee retention.


For more information on how apprenticeships can support your business get in touch today.