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Apprenticeship as Your Next Career Move: Top 5 Reasons

Published by: Fay Gibbin

Operations Manager

April 13, 2021


Apprenticeship as Your Next Career Move: Top 5 Reasons to Enrol


Apprenticeships have many benefits that can often be overlooked when you’re going through the process of deciding what to do after you finish school, sixth form or college. We’ve put together some of the key benefits you can get from taking on an apprenticeship and how they’ll reward you later on in your career.


  1. Earn while you learn

Enjoying the perks of having money to enjoy a social life and buying the things important to you. An apprenticeship usually starts on a basic wage, however, 90% of apprentices are kept on by their employers upon completion of their course and nearly one-quarter of apprentices are promoted within 12 months of finishing.


  1. Receive recognised qualifications

Each level of your apprenticeship is only between 12-18 months and, once completed, you will have achieved a qualification that you can showcase to future employers. In the care sector the following apprenticeships are available:

  • Level 2 Adult Care Worker (equivalent to 5 GCSE passes)
  • Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker (equivalent to 2 A-Level passes)
  • Level 4 Leader Practitioner in Adult Care
  • Level 5 Leader in Adult Care


  1. Hands-on training and experience

Apprenticeships provide you with the benefit of a varied learning environment that promotes hands-on learning. Rather than sitting in a classroom all day, an apprenticeship gives you the immediate opportunity to apply your knowledge and use your skills in daily practice. This learning-while-doing method can also boost your confidence to perform quickly and effectively with certainty about your capabilities.


  1. Targeted support

Apprenticeships provide you with the support of targeted one-on-one learning. Someone is always available to you to answer your questions, show you how to perform a skill and help you perfect techniques. You have direct access to mentors and colleagues who can help you address your weaknesses, maximize your strengths and use specific instruction from your studies and instantly apply it to real-world experience.


  1. Discover your earning potential

Apprentices have increased future earning potential across the course of their career. This means that, if you progress on to an advanced apprenticeship and successfully complete it, you could earn around £117,000 more over your lifetime than those who don’t.


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