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Adult Care Worker Level 2

Sapphire Education & Training was founded by Harpal Baines in 2018. As the current Managing Director, Harpal launched Sapphire as the training arm of his medium-sized community care company, which has been run by his family for more than 15 years. Having grown frustrated with the poor learning experiences and lack of development being received by his workforce from training providers, Harpal created Sapphire Education & Training to support his workforce’s development requirements.

As a result, his care operations saw sustained growth, workforce retention and positive service user outcomes.

Recruiting and managing suitably skilled and experienced individuals to coach and upskill his workforce, Sapphire Education & Training has grown to support a number of care providers across the Midlands who all strive to achieve the same results through workforce investment.

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Our ethos at Sapphire Education & Training

We do not see ourselves as a typical training provider. We are an education service that supports organisational development of the employers that we work with. We do not simply train our learners.

We look holistically at their development, not just of their subject area knowledge and professional competency, but also their development as individuals. This allows us to ensure that any programme they undertake with us has the biggest impact on them and naturally benefits the services that they carry out and ultimately service user outcomes.

Our Values at Sapphire Education & Training



To offer high quality inclusive education and training accessible to everyone.



To be the preferred and trusted provider of choice by improving organisational performance and ensuring all learners have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.



Our leaders and managers have high ambitions for all learners and provide supportive leadership through meaningful engagement.



Our curriculums are purposeful, challenging and are the steppingstone to progression.


Do the right thing

Our teams act with integrity and honesty, and focus on creating the best experience for all learners.



We seek opportunities to engage with learners, employers, parents, and the local community to make a difference to the life chance of our learners.


Personal Accountability

We are all personally accountable for delivering on our commitment.

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